Bathroom Remodels

Being one of the most important and often used rooms in the house, the bathroom needs to be a comfortable place that reflects your style. Your style can be reflected by choosing the right fixtures and amenities that will provide function and value and fit your lifestyle. At Custom Home, we can help you customize your bathroom for your everyday needs. Together, we will carefully plan to bring your bathroom remodeling dream into reality.

Below are some examples of our bathroom remodels.

Tips for Bathroom Remodels: 

- Always pick a licensed contractor to help with your projects.

- Make sure you get the correct permits for your project.

- Bathroom remodels can take 2-4 weeks.

- Hardware stores like Home Depot and Lowes are good places to start looking for materials.

Local Stores:

- Bullnose Tile, San Jose

- The Plumbing Gallery, Cambell

- Willow Glen Kitchen and Bath, San Jose

Current Trends:

- Statement finishes like brass and copper

- Bold statement tiles

- Colorful design