Remodels and Construction

Many homeowners will need to decide between renovating an existing building or starting from scratch. This decision often depends on many different variables. Both options have their advantages and both have difficulties.


By comparing the requirements, costs, and intended use the decision becomes a bit more clear. Before each project, our experts will present some options for you. We will be sure to help you complete the project in the most cost-effective and time-efficient way. 

Below are some examples of our remodels and new construction work.

Tips for Remodels and New Construction: 

- Always pick a licensed contractor to help with your projects.

- Make sure you get the correct permits for your project.

- Planning a project can take about 3 months.

- Total house remodels can take 5 months, new construction can take 8 months.

- Hardware stores like Home Depot and Lowes are good places to start looking for materials.

Check out ideas on these websites:





Current Trends:

- Seating at kitchen islands

- Designs and decor that is fun and eye-catching

- Pops of color throughout the house

- Dark-colored doors and cabinets

- Statement tiles

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