Termite Information For Homeowners

At Custom Home, our experience with termite repairs is extensive, termite infestation is a common problem homeowners face. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with precise bids and following through to fix your home. After a home is inspected and tented for termites, a licensed contractor can fix the damage by replacing and rebuilding damaged wood. Another way to repair termite damage in a home is to add wood to strengthen and provide stability for damaged wood. The length of this process depends on the amount of damage that the termites have created. We want you to be safe in your home as soon as possible.


Custom Home Guarantees for homeowners:

  • You will pass your home inspection

  • The work done on your home will have a 2 year warranty

  • We have competitive pricing and provide complimentary Bid Analysis

  • We can provide a bid within 24 hours

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Termites can be tricky to spot, here are a couple of tips for finding them in your home:

  • Cracks or bubbles on paint

  • Wood that appears hollow or damaged

  • Termite droppings that look like sawdust or discarded termite wings

  • Tunnels in wood floors or walls

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